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Each time we add a frame to the Animated_GIF instance, we pass as source parameter.It is then copied into an internal canvas to extract the image data and store it on a list of frames, taking advantage of the draw Image function that allows you to render HTML elements into Canvas Rendering Context2D objects.We have a new pick for game streamers: Logitech’s C922x Pro Stream Webcam.It can record 60 fps at 720p (up from the standard of 30 fps), comes with a tripod, and has a fun background replacement feature.We could spend hours just going through her list of projects and getting amazed by all the ways in which she's approaching the same aspect (human interaction) from different angles, both philosophical and technical, but this isn't , and David only asked me to write about Animated GIFs in the widely successful Meatspace Chat, so let's focus on that. Edna had just built a decentralised microblogging engine with Redis, and was trying to find a use case for a database she had just heard about, called Level DB.She showed me a real time chat app she had hacked in a couple of hours, using Level DB as the temporary, ephemeral storage.Fortunately, it is all abstracted enough that we only need to call the method and wait for it to be generated on the background using Web Workers.We use Web Workers because rendering is quite an intensive process and can easily block the main thread, making the whole app unresponsive--that's something we don't want to happen!

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It was easy to implement this using the two libraries that I had extracted out from : gum Helper and Animated_GIF, and the rest is history! People started coming to the site in flocks and being both puzzled by the unexpected cheerness and the general raw and honest spirit: no sign up forms, no name to fill in, no identity to build and maintain; just a text input and your face to show the world what you were up to in that very moment.The callback function is invoked and sent the rendered GIF when it's ready.Since it is a Base64 string we can just include it without further processing on the object that is then posted to the server.Anyone could sign in using Persona, and start sending messages to the one chat room.The avatar associated to your Persona account would be shown along with the message you sent, and messages would be deleted after a few minutes.

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