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Industry continued to develop until the fall of communism, at which point much of the previously built industry stagnated; many plants and factories were shut down and there was little development.

In contemporary times, Sliven has experienced a surge in economy with increased investment, banking establishments and new industries have begun to emerge.

Sliven Peak on Livingston Island in the South Shetland Islands, Antarctica is named after Sliven.

Sliven is located 300 km east of Bulgaria's capital Sofia, 100 km from Bourgas, the country's largest commercial port, 130 km from the border with Greece and 130 km from the border with Turkey.

It is a rock protrusion with an interesting, yet peculiar hole in the center.

According to myth, one would have their most sincere wish granted upon passing through the ring.

The wine industry, with companies such as Vinprom and Vini Sliven and about a dozen others, continues to grow as grapes are easily grown due to the climate conditions.

Top: Panorama view of Sliven, 2nd left: Sliven City Hall, 2nd right: Stefan Kirov Drama Theater, 3rd left: Monument of Hadji Dimitar, 3rd right: Hadji Dimitar House Museum, 4th left: Saint Dimitar Cathedral, 4th right: Clock Tower, Bottom left: A bust chieftain of Hadji Dimitar in Dimitar House Museum, Bottom right: Slivenski Bit Museum) is the eighth-largest city in Bulgaria and the administrative and industrial centre of Sliven Province and municipality.

Sliven is famous for its Bulgarian Haiduts who fought against the Ottoman Turks in the 19th century and is known as the "City of the 100 Voyvodi", a Voyvoda being a leader of Haiduts.

Sliven Municipality is situated on the sub-Balkan plain in the zone of transitional-continental climate. According to the Bulgarian National Statistical Institute, as of February 2011, the total population of the Sliven Municipality is 125 268 inhabitants while in the city of Sliven live 91 620 inhabitants.

In the region of Sliven, winter is mild and summer is relatively warm. Total: 91,620 In Sliven Municipality 88750 declared as Bulgarians, 12153 as Roma, 4209 as Turks and 18641 did not declare their ethnic group.

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