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Its flagship online dating services include Friend Finder and its various spin-off services (such as Adult Friend Finder, and other dating services targeting various territories and niche categories, such as the South America-focused, and Christian dating website Big Church), as well as niche websites for alternative lifestyles, and adult webcam websites.Friend Finder was launched in 1996 by Andrew Conru.According to PC World, the leaked information was first identified on the dark web in March.

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As the house changed hands, it grew with every addition, but eventually fell into a rundown, ramshackle state.The hope is to sell the house to a family who will pledge to preserve it.They will appreciate the history, and they will preserve it and maintain it,” Annie said.Details of the security breach were reported by the U. One of the largest dating websites, Adult Friend Finder bills itself as a place to "hookup, find sex or meet someone hot now" and has over 64 million members worldwide.The hacker claiming responsibility, who goes by the handle ROR[RG], posted several spreadsheets detailing the data records of more than 3.5 million users.

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