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This work deals with nudity as a philosophy of living based on the Frei Korper Kultur or Free Body Culture already established in Germany.

This book brought free body culture to the attention of the global intelligentsia and led to the growth of the movement world-wide.

My very grateful thanks to the rest of the Management Committee and to everyone who came to the A. This is not good for the individual concerned and it is not good for our club. 12/08/2017 Gregor Gysi ( Gysi ) 69, is the Chair of the European Left Group in the European Parliament and a Left Party member of the Bundestag representing Berlin Treptow-Köpenick.

He often speaks about the positives of the former East German Communist State highlighting where things were better under that regime than the Western Free Market Democracy of the united Germany.

They join Amelia Allen and Emma James who both have pages on our web site. As for myself I am very grateful to everyone who supported me in my election to President of our Club for the next two years.

We also have another newcomer Anthony Crowley who is a well-known Author and Poet and Naturist Activist check out his latest book of poems Stripped Verses I thoroughly recommend it. I do not intend to stand for re-election again because I firmly believe that we should avoid the situation where someone is elected to a post and then feels pressured to stay because no-one else will come forward.

There have been many other works and academic research on the many benefits of Naturism/Free Body Culture.

Generally these terms include much more that simply taking off clothes and being naked.

1986 saw the wettest, inflicted by hurricane ‘Charley’ in that year, with 135mm of rain recorded at Aber in Wales. The Management Committee presented the following report that we will action between now and the 2018 A. We may be able to offset some of the cost by working with other partners such as BN.

Keith was awarded Honorary Life membership at the A. Chris Meadows was elected as Membership Secretary and has also been appointed as Web Master.

Now that we finally have a good web site we have started to develop our social media and we have a Facebook page, a Facebook private Group, a Twitter Account, an Instagram account, and a group page on Naktivnet. Jules has returned to the Management Committee after an absence of four years, and with Phillip they are your representatives they will both be pleased to hear from you.

coupled with social interaction with like-minded people.

The new edition of the Singles’ Outdoor Club Handbook aims to provide information and guidance that will help all SOC members to get the most from their club membership.; individual SOC members may choose whether they also want to be individual members of BN; however we recommended this.

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