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In the spring, when the snowpack is melting, the Green can flood, while during the later summer months it has been known to all but dry up. They are best known for their rock art, found on canyon walls and in sheltered overhangs throughout the river basin.Evidence of ancient inhabitants abounds in the Green River Basin. The lower stretches of the Green formed the northern boundary of the Anasazi culture area, and therefore evidence of their occupation of the Green River area is limited.

Since the basin is largely arid, only a small portion of the total precipitation reaches the mouth of the river.

Shortly after entering Utah, the Green enters Flaming Gorge, the first of a long series of canyons.

Flaming Gorge, Horseshoe, and Kingfisher canyons are short but scenic.

Red Canyon, the next in the series, is about thirty miles long, and is now the site of Flaming Gorge Dam.

After Red Canyon, the Green enters Browns Park, a large east-west trending basin, and flows through it for fifteen miles before crossing the Colorado border.

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