Svitlana sveta lutsk

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Sveta learned about this program on literally the second to last day that applications were accepted.

They were able to get the needed documents turned in and not long afterward they took an entrance exam.

We used the first couple of work days for staff training, analyzing and revising our work processes, and other administrative-type activities.

Then we began welcoming patients back into our facility. Katya, a student in the second class of our PT Training Center program, transitioned from her role as caregiver to our therapy team.

Ira has a undergrad degree in psychology and Katya in music.

By God's grace and their hard work to prepare themselves, they both not only passed this PT entrance exam, but did so well enough to be granted one of the few spots to study for free!!

As usual we covered much material and learned new skills. These ladies have bonded in friendship over the course of this program.

Katya and Ira were accepted into a brand new program here in Lutsk.

It is a Master's program that will take a year and a half and is somehow a combined occupational therapy and physical therapy degree program.

They actually have daily afternoon classes to attend, which decreases the hours they can be at Agape.

And in a week Natasha will have her first session and be gone for about 10 days.

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