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You needed a lot of money to get a travel document - and it took two years.I applied for it in 2006 and I got it in 2008." "When I came to South Africa, I was dropped in Musina," said Linda. I was wondering how I would find someone who wants a domestic worker.Sex work activists argue that policing the laws that criminalise sex work absorbs significant resources that, given South Africa's high crime levels, could better be deployed elsewhere.According to the executive director of Sweat, Sally-Jean Shackleton, "targeting women with low incomes trying to earn money for their families, police are being told to invade privacy, to make impossible judgements and to devote endless time to surveillance.According to Tim Barnett, a New Zealand member of parliament who helped champion the legislation change in 2003, "the sky did not fall in".He argues that both police and sex workers reported a "better relationship", easing the solving of sex work-related crime, without the corruption temptations created by a criminalized environment.Those who oppose the decriminalisation option argue that sex work demeans the dignity of women and that options such as the "Swedish model" - which criminalises only the client and outlaws pimps and brothels - are better options.

These included being the client of a sex worker under the age of 18; coercing someone into sex work or keeping them there; and tougher penalties against any sex worker, client or manager who fails to promote safe sex.I could only go up to Grade 9." At the age of 19, Linda married. Six years after their marriage he was sent on a peacekeeping mission to the Democratic Republic of Congo where he sustained severe head injuries in a plane crash, leading to his death. They said I should marry my husband's brother, because this was according to their culture and tradition." Linda was adamant that she was not married "to the whole family".The only solution she saw was to leave Zimbabwe for South Africa where she could earn a living and avoid the pressure from her in-laws. "When my husband was still alive he used to say, 'I don't want you to work for the family. And I don't want you to have a travel document, you'll be here with the family and I will always come back to you.' "I had to go against his wishes to get this document," said Linda.However, because South Africa criminalises sex work, bringing with it a general stigma, there is little incentive for sex workers to seek out health services at government clinics where they are treated with disdain or worse.The World Health Organisation identifies three key risks for those involved in sex work: Sex workers generally are well-educated when it comes to safer sex and HIV prevention, but their outlaw status puts them in a weak position if they have to argue with clients to persuade them to use condoms.

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