Sin spankingchat

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Divided among geographic areas, your odds of finding a real life person to spank are pretty slim.

Also, my bet is that most of those are there for the free trial and will quickly disappear. I'm not sure if it's technically feasible to transfer profiles from the older site to the newer one or something.

I had a snippet of a larger picture that showed me standing and looking away from the camera. It's a more popular site in terms of number of people, and I truly salute them for what they did.However, based on the best I can glean, and not having first-hand knowledge of the situation, the folks behind spankfinder are trying a new model that they are updating and that does have all the bells and whistles. It would be throwing my money at a good concept, but one which would give me very little chance of succeeding in finding a play partner.It's a very reasonable membership fee, after the initial free 30 day trial, I think about /month. I'd be willing to pay that for a service of joining a site to meet people, but I'm not sure I'm willing to pay that just to invest in the hopes that someday it grows into the service that I'm hoping it might become.There are eighty-bajillion spanking blogs out there, and 99% are written by someone who is "out" as a spanko...this one is about someone who is not out but is a spanko in secret.

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