Pussi dating

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If others don't agree with it, then that's their opinion and choice, of which we are all allowed.

I just wish we wouldn't have the stigma thrown at us sometimes when people do not agree with it, my reasoning is why should others complain about it/us, when they have no plans on playing with us??!!

Die of AIDS or get hit by a bus, I'm still dead.... What the guy your replying to was meaning was that there are loads of people that wont play at all with those that bareback.. Its our choice and we don't hide it and get ourselves checked often.

So it wont matter to those people if it was one or 100... I think that its more dangerous that there becomes this witch hunt to barebackers as all it means is that people that do bareback hide it.

Whilst I am not brave enough to try it doesn't mean it is wrong just not for me.

I think it's nice that so far everyone has contributed some positive helpful advice on what is usually quite a contentious issue here in the fab forums, I applaud you all and wish you all great fun, mwah, xxxxxxxx We have done it a couple of times over the years & it was absolutely brilliant each time. It doesn't matter how much care is involved or how regular the tests are undertaken. It's not for everyone, though, "We play bareback with our long-term friends, it certainly adds a new dimension to swinging.

It's not for everyone, though, "There is no protection against STI's if bareback ... the test is only valid on the day it was performed ...

thereagter you may succumb to STI's or blood borne viruses which you're incubating and until next time you play.

U can still pass infections by kissing, fingering, wanking sucking licking.

I prefer protected sex as its a personal choice but I can't say it will always be that way as shit happens sometimes like condoms breaking or caught short with a sexy so n so "As a male bisexual member, I would say that I have no problems in agreeing to bareback, as previously posted on here by other members, its personal preference and choice.

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