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- The Role of Communication in the Animal Industry The animal industry is a growing field of interest, and in this growing field lies the value of communication.Communication plays a crucial role in Animal Science through written, oral, visual, and electronic communication.These decisions are associated with the ethical judgments in society....[tags: knowledge, decisions, arts, sciences] - Tom Regan is an American philosopher and teacher. He has spent most of his career teaching philosophy at North Carolina state university, where he is now professor emeritus.Regan was born in November 28, 1938 in Pittsburgh, and he received his B. Regan is regarded as one of the leading intellectuals in the animal rights movement.

This is a society, where tradition has to be defended by traditional activities that are their own ritual and representation.88% of stillbirths are due to drugs posed to be safe in animal testing (1).... Department of Agriculture, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service).[tags: pain, medicine, animal welfare act] - Animals suffer just as people do. Animal experimentation is unethical, unnecessary and expensive; alternative methods of testing should be utilized.Knowledge in the natural sciences includes knowledge that helps improve methods used in hospitals to treat previously untreatable illnesses.Art at first glance does not hold enough weight to be compared because it reaches a smaller number of people giving it less importance than knowledge gained in natural sciences....

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