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Stephanie said no, but was curious about the experience. She said that I was one of the most attractive girls on campus and that I was major competition for the guys we both found hunky.Since she wasn't shocked, I surprised myself by asking her if she would like to try it sometime for real. Then she said that if she was going to, it would have to be with me. I said that my roommate left in the afternoon to visit her family and I would be home alone in my off-campus apartment.I slid over on the couch closer to her and whispered do you want to go through with this.She only nodded as if she couldn't speak the words. I moved back again and this time held the kiss longer.

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I was on campus at a large college in New Jersey when I happened to run into Stephanie, who I had known a little before since we had some common friends.Stephanie loved to wear short skirts which showed off her lovely legs, while I preferred to wear tight, low-cut jeans to tease guys with my ass.I always figured that since I wasn't blessed with big boobs, I should highlight the part of me that was my best "ass-et." LOL!!Anyway, on this particular day, Stephanie and I got to talking about Alec.I knew she had thought he was cute, but I didn't know that they had gotten to dating, let alone sleeping together.

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