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In some browsers, the text is displayed as a Tool Tip.Alternate text is also used for accessibility so that users who cannot see the graphic can hear its description read out loud.A weighting number that determines how often a particular ad is likely to appear.It is relative to the impression of other ads in the same file. In the above example, the ad for Contoso is twice as likely to appear as the ad for the ASP.Data-bound controls have been a pivotal part of interacting with data in dynamic Web applications. NET 2.0 introduces some substantial improvements to data-bound controls, including a new Base Data Bound Control class and declarative syntax.

In cases where you have a need to configure Ad Rotator ads programmatically, use the Ad Created event.

To data bind a list control, add a data source control to the page.

Specify a SELECT command for the data source control and then set the Data Source ID property of the list control to the ID of the data source control.

Displays the literal "Price:" followed by numbers in currency format.

The currency format depends on the culture setting specified in the culture attribute on the Page directive or in the Web.config file.

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