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This update adds the RPC agent to provide an API to execute user-written Python scripts installed on the target machine.

Najwa Nimri (Eva), Tristn Ulloa (Iaki), Mara Vzquez (Ins), Diego Martn (Manuel), Nuria Gonzlez (Carmen), Antonio de la Torre (Sergio), Fernando Cayo (Valbuena), Adolfo Fernndez (Alberto), Manuel Morn (Samuel), Mabel Rivera (mujer engaada).

Prior to this update, matahari agents were being unnecessarily restarted during upgrades.

As a consequence, unexpected output could appear during the upgrade process.

This update modifies the underlying code so that agents are not restarted more than once and no more unexpected reporting occurs.

It is strongly recommended that users discontinue the use of the matahari packages and other packages which depend on the Matahari infrastructure (specifically, libvirt-qmf and fence-virtd-libvirt-qpid).Every morning we got fresh fruits with our breakfast, which was a great way to start the day. Every unit features a private bathroom with a shower. Guests can enjoy a meal at the on-site restaurant, followed by a drink at the bar.I think this is the best place on the whole island, because there are some good places to eat, but it is not as touristic as the place around the harbor. The property has a private beach area and bike rental is available.However, if you have seen a Matahari product in a magazine editorial or somewhere else please call or email our customer service department for a store near you: TEL: 845-358-5553 EMAIL: [email protected] Order and Shipment The ship date of your order should be on your sales order acknowledgement. Cancellation Policies We allow our customers a grace period of 10 business days from after a show to cancel orders, non show orders are 10 business days.

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