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The problem was highlighted this week by David Cameron as he revealed that he struggles to stay in touch with world leaders when holidaying in Cornwall.

But it’s not just Cornwall, rural Wales or the far-flung reaches of Lincolnshire where phone calls are impossible.

But figures from the regulator Ofcom show that 23 per cent of the countryside can’t get 3G, while only 20 per cent is covered by all four 3G operators.

And those Ofcom figures describe only the strength of a mobile phone signal outdoors.

In most Asian countries that I have travelled to it is usually a breeze to get a pre-paid SIM card.

They are cheap, easy to recharge credits, and you can get connected in virtually a couple minutes.

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Free download movies for i Phones, tablet, Android,apple,i Pad, HTC, Android, Samsung.... has no association with the links on its site and holds no responsibility for their content. We use our hosted galleries,movies and other hosted material, which provide a 2257 link at the bottom of each page.So operators creating the network of masts went for the easy targets of the densely populated cities first.Out of the 63 million people in the UK, 84 per cent live in England and a third live in the South-East.Much of our road network, railways and even parts of our large, crowded cities have no signal.The speed of the mobile revolution was driven by the market — and the realisation that there were huge profits to be made.

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