Gratis dating sider for unge Ishøj

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The Web 2.0 technology is a further development from the original static Web 1.0 and can hardly be separated from the term of Groundswell.

The improvement of the existing static version enables the user to interact online and thereby participate in a two-way online communication.

All models were years of age or older at the time depiction 1.

semester Vejleder: Jacob Lund Orquin INSTITUT FOR MARKETING B I L L I G O N L I N E M A R K E D S F Ø R I N G TI L DEN NY STAR T ET V I R KSO M HED GODT & GA VE Aarhus School of Business, Århus Universitet 2010 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The use of social media and the online interaction between people through the Internet has changed radically since the year of 2004, where the term of online presence was expanded into the term Web 2.0 by Tim O Reilly.

Penge er dog nødvendigvis ikke et middel alle iværksættere har, og desuden viser en undersøgelse foretaget af International Danish Entrepeneurship Academy, at iværksætteriet er gået i stå under finanskrisen.

An optimization includes putting focus on keywords and metatags in order to create a homepage that live up to Google s ranking system that will place Godt & Gave in the top of search results.

By improving online presence and visibility by means of tools that enable online interaction, a company like Godt & Gave has the opportunity to create an online marketing strategy that will reach a broad audience at a low cost.

Due to a forecast made by Adweek Media for the year of 2010, online advertisement is expected to increase significantly.

The online advertisements include both banners and ads on search engines, which both are opportunities for companies to increase online visibility.

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