Easa part 66 modules online dating

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Please report broken links to [email protected] are always a couple of 100% exam scores a year! I have been preparing people for the JAR-66 / EASA part 66 exam since 2002!

You sent me the money and I'll open the study-modules on to get the 13/14 modules done.

A: The following are the main characteristics of each:1.

Basic Experience: This is experience that you must obtain in order for you to apply for a Part 66 Basic Licence.

A: An applicant must provide evidence that he/she meets the practical maintenance experience on operating aircraft requirements of Part-66. A.35 or a combination of both, or • 5 years of experience exercising category B1.2, B1.4 privileges on large aircraft or as support staff according to point 145.

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In certain circumstances, Part 147 Certificates of Recognition may have been issued in a previously acceptable format, i.e.

It can range from 6 months to 5 years in duration depending on the licence category being sought, previous training and previous licence categories held.2.

Practical Training: This is training that will be required in order for you to obtain a type rating.

If you live nearby an exam place you can take exams monthly or how you like it!

While you are studying you already collect work experience log signatures in a work log book.

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