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The owner claimed that the act was "..a great example of animal cruelty,", He argued that the tests were illegal because the product was being tested for cosmetic purposes, which is banned in Britain.

The Southern Animal Rights Coalition also received paperwork which they say demonstrates cosmetic Botox was being tested on animals.

However, in April 2005, a court rejected the claims, ruling that the tests were in compliance with UK regulations because Botox is used for therapeutic purposes to prevent muscle spasms and Mann was found guilty of burglary.

Thank you too for your involvement in researching about the crash of the plane that was flown by my Uncle Denis.

As fire fighters tried to save the hall, the owner remarked that the heat was extraordinary, and that the building was ablaze from end to end.

Wallops Wood Farm at Droxford, Hampshire, is raided by 16 members of the ALF and 1,000 chickens are "liberated", with activists claiming damage to cages, eggs, conveyor belts, feed apparatus, equipment, food stores, staff toilets, canteen, rearing shed and a delivery truck.

87-year-old woman was robbed of 1,300 she had just withdrawn from a bank by two female thieves who followed her onto a bus in Ilford town centre.

The woman had collected the money from the Royal Bank of Scotland in Cranbrook Road shortly after noon on Friday, and done some shopping in the town centre before getting onto the 86 bus.

Damion Ennis and Hallroy Reid are accused of gunning down 41-year-old Thomas Fahey during a raid on a roofing company in Streatham High Road on January 31.

It was the ALF's most expensive arson to date, destroying years worth of research on genetically altered poplar trees, as well as other projects.

A Mc Donald's restaurant was set on fire, causing 0,000 worth of damage.

of the 22,000 mink, 9,000 of the animals were recovered by 8pm the following evening.

The police were called shortly after the break-in at around 4 pm, when someone saw hundreds of mink running from the farm.

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