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As a result, many more technically literate Syrians have familiarized themselves with VPNs and other tools to circumvent simple blocking, and achieve a degree of privacy.

After the 2011 Uprising began, the regime disconnected telecommunications services in many areas controlled by opposition groups.

The most well-known threat actor to target the Syrian Revolution is the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA).

This is a common feature of many operations in the Syrian context: since the baseline security of many of the targets is very low, many successful threat actors seem to conserve (and in some cases not possess) more sophisticated techniques.

We believe we identified Group5 early in its lifecycle, before all of the malware that had been staged and prepared could be deployed in a full campaign.

Like a chameleon, Group5 borrows opposition text and slogans for e-mail messages and watering holes, showing evidence of good social engineering and targeting.

However, Group5’s technical quality is low, and their operational security uneven.

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