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Katherine was listed as dead in Burke's Peerage in 1961.The sisters were sent to the Royal Earlswood Hospital at Redhill, a grim Victorian mansion.For many years, Miss Fane lived in homes with another relative, Katherine Bowes Lyon, also related to the Queen Mother.The pair both had a mental age of six and were said to be inseparable until their home closed last February and they were split.Four months later, Miss Fane died of "old age and severe learning difficulties", according to her death certificate, though staff said last week that she had lost the will to live after the separation.Miss Fane is buried in the same grave as her sister Etheldreda, who died in 1996.Buckingham Palace did not announce the death of Miss Fane, 89, on June 7 last year, in an NHS facility for "adults with learning disabilities" in Redhill, Surrey.It was registered by a "client assets manager" from an NHS Trust, and she was buried in council-run Redstone Cemetery, with a basic headstone.

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After decades in the Royal Earlswood, Miss Fane and Katherine Bowes Lyon were moved in 1996 when the hospital closed.I work with a lot of couples and a lot of women who come to see me 10, 15 years after the fact, when they realize that these issues are still there, and they’re finally ready to address them.” Interesting, huh?We think we can sweep our grudges and resentments under the rug–at least for a little while–but then we get busy, or we decide to just leave this stuff for another day, and then somewhere along the way, we forget that they’re still there waiting for us.The fees to keep Miss Fane and Miss Bowes Lyon at Ketwin - £770 each per week - were paid by the NHS, as they were when Miss Fane was moved to Rosewood care home in nearby Caterham.Miss Bowes Lyon, the last survivor of the five women shut away, is understood to be at another home.

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