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What if the expectations were removed and replaced with a deep close friendship? We watch Hollywood and read Christian marriage material that cause us to think that we need to have this magical falling in love with someone who will be our soul mate for life and meet all our needs. I’m not saying you can’t fall in love with someone. I think it’s time we rethink friends with benefits in a new light.

What if people looked to marry their best friend instead of someone who met a check list? In fact, the romance could be increased because friends often feel more free to be open about the silly romantic things they like, because they aren’t trying to impress anyone. But in the long run those things are a part of the relationship but should they define it?

Up until now we discussed the ends and outs of friends with benefits.

We’ve learned how in some ways many of us live friends with benefits lifestyle without really intending to.

And here, my 40 old year friend with a beer in his hand is looking at me like I just suggested having a three-some or something so off the wall. I then went on talking for 20 minutes as to why I believe the way I do and what I thought could be accomplished by doing this.

I said I think this helps you end up making the right decision and yes having some self control, which if you haven’t learned that by 40 and after kids then I’m sorry. I suggested to my 40 year old friend you should take an overnight trip with someone you decide to pursue in a serious relationship that could potentially lead to marriage.

They could make out all night long with a guy and yet as soon as the physical starts going too far they stop immediately.

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