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It shows that cards issued in Luxembourg, France and the United Kingdom on average experienced the highest fraud losses as a proportion of regular transactions.

Transactions carried out in Ireland were the most likely to be fraudulent: over one in every 1,000 transactions, compared with the euro area average of about one in every 4,000 transactions, with most of them being conducted over the internet.

Improvements in the security of cards and in the underlying payment infrastructure are the main reason for a slowdown in growth of ATM fraud, as well as in the more than 24% drop in fraud carried out at POS terminals.

The most significant improvement was the more widespread adoption of EMV, a chip-based security standard that is much safer than conventional magnetic stripes, which goes hand-in-hand with improvements to the infrastructure behind each transaction.

You can access Internet Banking application by simply entering a user name and password that you create on your own, through the Create an order option, when you access the system for the first time.

In order to achieve maximum security, all the data that is exchanged with the Bank through the Internet, while using Banca Intesa On-line, is encrypted and the use of authorisation devices gives you an additional security while performing non-cash payments.

However, this trend has partially shifted the problem to countries where chips are not yet prevalent.

In 2011 some 78% of all fraud with counterfeited cards was carried out in non-SEPA countries, up from 61% in 2010.

Application m Token is located within the Intesa Mobi service.

With regard to fraud involving ATMs, 95% of all counterfeited card fraud occurred outside SEPA, up from 67% in 2010.

Counterfeit fraud uses information on the magnetic stripe to make a copy of the card.

In conclusion, the report shows that keeping technology up to date is key in combating fraud and that it is necessary to foster a wider adoption of EMV standards in order to increase the safety of card payments in general.

As the bulk of transactions within Europe becomes safer, fraudsters increasingly target more vulnerable markets.

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