Boonex dolphin remove dating

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The module you will need to install is called Articles and in order to install it you should be able to find the module in the list of Not Installed Modules located at the Add & Manage page of the Modules menu provided in the administration area of the Boonex Dolphin platform.Once the module has been successfully installed you will be able to find it as a separate link displayed in the Modules menu.But the main feature of active members is that they can get into search results conducted by other members and non-member visitors.You can make an active member featured by checking the check-box above the photo section.The new address will need the same confirmation procedure as described above.NB: Normally, you as the site's administrator should not care about the profiles of the category.

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The message contains a link that a member should click on to complete the registration process.

You can sort the list by the number of the members per page or sort them by username, activity, etc. Action buttons (Activate, Ban, etc) are available too in all modes.

By default Dolphin is set up in Unconfirmed A profile has this status while a newly registered member did not confirm his e-mail address.

feature you will be able to write articles which will be conveniently presented into a separate link in the navigation menu of your Social Community.

Each article will have its own separate page where the whole content of the article will be presented.

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