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They were fined an initial £5million, and interim payments have covered Leah and Joe's medical and physio bills to date - but the pair have also submitted a 'substantial' compensation claim.

A spokesperson for Alton Towers told Mail Online: 'From the outset we have sought to provide assistance and support to those that were injured and their families.

The three-year-old Golden Retreiver came to Elizabeth Howell and her family from South Korea in 2016.

She was found dumped in a trash bin and had to get all four of her legs amputated.'Every picture I see of her she looks like she's smiling,' Susan said. He comes out of surgery smiling, so they're both smiling and they're both like so something bad happened to me, let's just move on.'When Howell learned that Owen was one of the people following the dog online, she began coordinating ways to help get the family to meet Chi Chi.

I would like to thank them for all their support over the past two years.'Leah's £60,000 prosthetic leg - which contains a microprocessor knee - will need replacing every few years, which will amount to hundreds of thousands of pounds over her lifetime.

Leah and Joe, who remain a couple, are now waiting to hear what the life-changing amount will be.

'They said it would take up to three years, so we’re still waiting to hear,' she said.

His mother, Susan Mahan, enlisted the help of hundreds of people to make Owen's dream come true.'He saw a video about Chi Chi and said he wanted to meet Chi Chi...' she said to 12News.

'Hundreds of people got together and just contributed to make this happen.''He had no clue what we were doing,' Susan said. He had both his legs amputated in June and February of this year.

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