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more than 160 ethnic groups, over 60 languages spoken b.

Some countries have only one major ethnic group, such as Sweden (share common language, culture, religious heritage).

“Without question, fossil fuels will continue to be used, and we would argue that it’s in the global interest to make sure when fossil fuels are used that they be as clean and efficient as possible,” Mr Banks said.

An unofficial US delegation including California Governor Jerry Brown, former Vice President Al Gore, former New York City mayor and UN special envoy on cities and climate change Michael Bloomberg, as well several American mayors and CEOs have been a presence at the meeting as well.

Industry representatives from coal, oil/gas, and nuclear power companies like Peabody Energy, nuclear engineering firm Nu Scale Power, and Tellurian, a liquefied natural gas exporter, were prominently featured during the event.

Activists are a common presence at the UN meeting every year, but this time their ire was in full force opposing the US’s starkly different message from the rest of the world, several people attending the meeting told During the panel Trump international energy issues adviser George D Banks said it was “controversial only if we chose to bury our heads in the sand”.

Some, like Belgium, have two major ethnic groups - the Flemings and the Walloons - share a common religion, but do not speak the same language.

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north European lowlands: lengthy arc (aka Great European Plain) of rivers and waterways, most densely populated region of Europe, agriculture, industries …

defined by hard and ancient rock shaped by glaciation, abundant marshlands, lakes, fjords b.

curve up the western edge of Europe and define the physical landscape of Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden, Denmark), Finland, Iceland, Scotland, Ireland, the Brittany region of France, Spain, Portugal …

The Roman Empire’s cultural influence remains to this day: French, Spanish, Romanian and modern Italian derived from Latin, Roman fondness for wine brought vineyards to France, laid the cornerstones of many of today's modern cities (such as Paris), invested in the infrastructure that was vital for their longevity 3.

Agrarian Revolution: began in Europe in 1750s, based on new agricultural innovations, enabled increased food production, enabled sustained population increase 4.

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